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Uganda's estimated oil wealth has increased from 3.5 billion to 6.5 billion barrels,following new discoveries. || 80% of the land in Uganda is tilled by Women but they own less than 10% of it. || The Albertine grabben, where most of Uganda's oil is found, is also one of the most ecologically diverse regions in Africa.

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  • Uganda's rising debt burden: It's time for citizens to rise up against failed energy projects
  • Pictorial of our activities 
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  • Upcoming events. AFIEGO's January 2019 newsletter

We request you to read the March 12. 2018 letter titled: "UMEME concession and high tariffs for electricity consumers,” in which the president ordered for investigations into UMEME’s concession regarding their cheating of consumers through being guaranteed a high return on investment of 20%, providing unverifiable information on how much they have invested in the electricity sector, inflation of and failure to reduce power losses among others. Read More

Open letter to the CEO of ERA: Stop plans to modify Umeme's Licence until president's directive on Umeme is effected by the IGG. Read More 

Following the discovery that the land the Ministry of Energy compensated them with is registered in another person’s names, the 73 oil refinery-affected households the ministry relocated to Kyakaboga in Hoima are calling on the ministry to issue them with their land titles immediately. Read More

Africa Institute for Energy (AFIEGO) has written to president and the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) demanding for halting of processes to renegotiate and modify UMEME’s concession and licence respectively. 
This followed publication of a January 9, 2019 notice in the media in which ERA called on the public to make comments on a notice, published on its website, which shows the modifications it intends to make to UMEME’s licence.  Read More

Request to engage Ministry of Energy to urgently provide the oil refinery-affected people with land titles and Address other challenges. Read More

AFIEGO's December 2018 newsletter contains the following must-read content:

  • AFIEGO in 2018: An account of what we did, learned and achieved
  • Our 2018 work: Five-minute catch-up
  • Stakeholders’ Feedback
  • Pictorial of our activities
  • Lobbying
  • In the media. AFIEGO's December 2018 newsletter
AFIEGO's November 2018 newsletter contains the following must-read content:
  • Stop violation of laws in Tilenga ESIA and other oil development processes to safeguard our biodiversity
  • Pictorial
  • Lobbying
  • In the media
  • Upcoming events. Read More: AFIEGO's November 2018 Newsletter
AFIEGO's October 2018 newsletter contains the following must-read content:
  • Tilenga project ESIA: Weaknesses still exist and no decision should be taken before they are addressed
  • Lessons from the U.S.: The adverse impacts of oil on health
  •  Pictorial of our activities
  • Lobbying 
  • In the media
  •  Upcoming events. Read More: AFIEGO's October 2018 newsletter

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) must hold public hearings to enable effective public participation in and consensus on the Tilenga oil project, civil society
organisations (CSOs) working to prevent the impacts of oil on biodiversity in the Albertine Graben