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Uganda's estimated oil wealth has increased from 3.5 billion to 6.5 billion barrels,following new discoveries. || 80% of the land in Uganda is tilled by Women but they own less than 10% of it. || The Albertine grabben, where most of Uganda's oil is found, is also one of the most ecologically diverse regions in Africa.

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  • How AFIEGO’s Youth Leadership Initiative has built global influencers
  • Key facts about Uganda’s energy sector
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COSASE Report on the Shs 6B oil cash handshake

The report, submitted by the the Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) to parliament, following the investigation of the Shs. 6B presidential handshake, was adopted by parliament

Among others, COSASE recommended that  the 42 recipients of the handshake return the monies received. In a joint CSO petition to parliament and through the news media among others, AFIEGO and her partners lobbied for this position. 

Source: The Parliament of Uganda.

See more of COSASE's recommendations in the report:  COSASE Report on the Shs 6B oil cash handshake

Open letter to the Minister of Water and Environment to table the National Environmental Management Bill before Parliament to protect the environment against the negative effects of oil development activities.

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A petition to the Natural Resources Committee and MPs from the Albertine Graben to defend environmental and community rights amidst oil threats.

Read the full petition  Petition by stakeholders from Albertine Graben to Natural Resources Committee and MPs from the Graben

AFIEGO and partners' observations about and recommendations for the 2017/2018 budget.

Some of the observations include: 

  • High literacy and life expectancy rates being compromised in oil region 
  • Big energy sector allocations with few returns 
  • Bujagali dam power price reduction strategies unsustainable 
  • Need for prudent investment in more affordable renewable energy sources 
  • Secrecy and corruption in energy projects

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Reference is made to the invitation Ref COI/INV/34 extended by the Commission of Inquiry into the Effectiveness of Law, Policies and Processes of Land Acquisition, Land Management and Land Registration in Uganda to Africa Institute for Energy Governance (AFIEGO) to discuss resolution of land disputes by mediation at grassroots level.

AFIEGO's memorandum to the Justice Bamugemereire Commission of Land Inquiry


Read about;

  • We must focus on renewable clean energy to address challenges of climate change and
    livelihood needs
  • Youth organise meeting in Kasese: Participants demand that gov’t addresses corruption
    before oil exploration
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  • Stand up for public interest litigation in human rights cases

  •  Collapsing transformers & sparking power lines: Govt & Umeme must improve service

  • Pictorial

  • Lobbying

  •  In the media

  • Upcoming events. AFIEGO's April 2017 Newsletter

On Thursday March 30, 2017, AFIEGO held a radio talkshow with Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD), Petroleum Authority of Uganda, the chairperson of the Hoima District Land Board and the Joint Venture Partners at Spice FM in Hoima district. The radio talkshow, which took place during the prime time slot of 7 to 8pm when large community audiences have tuned in was on the topic: Ongoing and planned infrastructural development activities for oil sector: Roles of oil companies in mitigating possible negative impacts on communities and livelihoods. Read More

Read about:

  • Troubled elephants & distressed birds: Impacts of oil activities & why Ugandan environmental laws must stop playing catch up!
  • Youth & women leaders’ convention: Youth to petition ministry of energy, education
  • Pictorial
  • Lobbying
  • In the media
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