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Uganda's estimated oil wealth has increased from 3.5 billion to 6.5 billion barrels,following new discoveries. || 80% of the land in Uganda is tilled by Women but they own less than 10% of it. || The Albertine grabben, where most of Uganda's oil is found, is also one of the most ecologically diverse regions in Africa.
In the month of May, nearly 50 women whose property was acquired by government in 2012 for Uganda's proposed oil refinery but are yet to be relocated held a meeting in which they raised a number of urgent concerns for addressing by their legislators and other stakeholders.
The women requested AFIEGO to write to their Members of Parliament (MPs) to request for a meeting to address the concerns which include: 
(i) Lack of education for their children and the fact that the children, who are out of school because schools in the refinery area collapsed, are missing out on government's National ID registration exercise for pupils; government has set a deadline of August 30 for the exercise; 
(ii) Lack of food for households including families of Persons Living with HIV, which is making adherence to HIV treatment hard;
(iii) Lack of burial places when the women and their families lose loved ones; the women and their families are landless because government took over the control of their land before compensation and they are not allowed to bury their people in the land and; 
(iv) An unsuitable resettlement area that will negatively affect women that is being set up government