The communique makes recommendations for the closure of gaps in the interim report that the Justice Catherine Bamugemereire-led Commission of Inquiry on Land matters handed over to the President last week.
The communique, which has been  issued by AFIEGO and 16 other civil society organisations (CSOs), notes gaps such as:
  • Failure to address the real causes of land injustices in Uganda including political patronage, political interference in land matters and corruption in the Ministry of Lands and elsewhere among others; 
  • The mis-advised recommendation to disband District Land Boards and Area Land Committees ALCs in addition to abolishing Mailo land;
  • Failure to make recommendations to address bottlenecks in the judiciary such as political interference and lengthy court hearing processes that deter access to justice and;
  • Failure to subject the interim report to wider stakeholder consultation to ensure that views of the witnesses who appeared before the Commission were adequately captured among others.

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