In this Issue you will read about AFIEGO\'s continued efforts to lobby for a new law on land aquisition and compensation,read about the gaps in the existing laws and how the proposed new law intends to close those gaps.The plans for promoting the new law are also highlighted in this issue.Further, you will know much of our work with the district land boards in Hoima and Buliisa where we are building their capacity to protect property rights of the oil affected communities.In addition you will read about our efforts to sensitise the masses regarding wind energy one of the safest clean energy sources that Uganda can tap to reduce modern energy poverty especially in the rural communities, the worsening injustices to the refinery affected people,the need to improve the use of EIA processes to balance oil activities and eviromental conservation needs.Latly you will get AFIEGO\'s views  regarding the controversies surrounding the Karuma Power project and what should be done to ensure transparency and to maximize the benefits of big power projects in Uganda for the common good.Enjoy the read!   AFIEGO Newsletter July 2014